Representing the Parliament and the Czech republic on international stage

international relationships

As Vice-President, Pavel Telička also replaces the President for multilateral institutions. These include meetings such as G7, G20, NATO or OSCE. Pavel Telička took part in two very high level conferences, representing the European Parliament at the highest level. Firstly, he took part in the G7 parliamentary summit that gathers the speakers from G7 countries’ parliaments and the European Parliament. Secondly, the G20 meeting in Buenos Aires in the same format.

Negotiations from Pavel Telička were key in securing outcome documents that very much reflect the positions of the European Union on crucial policy issues. Importantly, the statement of the G20 summit reaffirms the commitment of the G20 states to a rules-based global order with multilateralism as its key principle. The outcome document makes specific reference to an open, transparent, fair and non-discriminatory multilateral trading system for promoting global economic growth, sustainable development and job creation. A fair and open trading system is key for European and Czech businesses as many very much benefit from open export markets.

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