Working towards more transparency


As Vice-President, Pavel Telička  is Member of the Bureau of the European Parliament. This body is responsible for all financial, organisational and administrative decisions related to Parliament. In this role, Pavel Telička has been committed to enhance transparency and accountability of how public funds are spend.

Consequently, he was very much engaged in reforming the system of how Members of Parliament receive a "general expenditure allowance" (GEA) – a lump sum of €4,416 – to cover office expenses like phone bills and computer equipment. Until now, there are no real controls over how they are spent.

Consequently, Mr Telička was part of a Working Group to reform this system. His proposal was to allow an external auditor to look into the books of Members General Expenditure allowance. This would ensure greater oversight of public budgets and make Members of Parliaments more accountable. Unfortunately, EPP, ECR and even parts of S&D prevented such reform. Despite this set-back, Mr Telička is still committed in continuing the fight to enhance transparency and is keeping the issue high on the agenda.

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