Young Visitors Programme

The ALDE "Young Visitors Programme" is specifically targeted at young people generally at the level of intermediate or lower grade vocational training, or secondary school. The aim is to offer an opportunity to those young people who do not have the connections or the means to get acquainted with the EU institutions.

The young visitors are invited to spend five days in Parliament during a mini-session and they will get to know the EP from the inside. A full programme is offered, which includes: spending time with their MEP, meeting European Commissioners and other high profile politicians, attending the plenary session, having a round table with Brussels correspondents, meeting with representatives of for example human rights NGOs, regional offices, lobbyists, carrying out small assignments. The participants improve their public speaking skills, get better at communicating in foreign languages and make long-lasting friendships with other participants from all around the EU.

The Young Visitor Programme takes place twice a year and was started in 2015. Pavel Telička  has been a stance supporter of it from the beginning. Therefore, every year we have invited young Czech visitors from various background to participate in this great programme.  


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