Waste package - landfill of waste

environment, circular economy

As a drafts person for this directive Pavel Telička not only proposed amendments to the Commission´s proposal but also formulated the final text coming from the ITRE committee.

He focused his work mainly on simplification and clarification of reporting obligations for member states to make sure each member state produces clear and comparable data. He also strongly argued for lowering the threshold for landfill of municipal waste. According to the final text, no more than 10% of municipal waste generated can be landfilled by 2035. This will be an enormous change for countries like the Czech Republic, where landfilling is still the most common way of dealing with waste. Due to a limited landfill more resources will be reused or recycled and limited landfilling will also help to preserve the environment.  Landfilling of waste makes no sense in a circular economy and can pollute water, soil and air.

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