Aviation strategy - motorway of the sky and connectivity index

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Aviation is a sector where the EU has been extremely successful so far, in particular by increasing travel possibilities while lowering prices for passengers. However, today the sector is facing new challenges in the form of increased international competition, expected shortage of air capacity in the EU sky and cyber threats. The “Aviation Strategy for Europe” is a set of policy guidelines and legislative acts in the field of air transport intended to answer those challenges by fostering investment, encouraging innovation and overall making travelling by plane safer, cleaner and more accessible.

In his capacity of Rapporteur for the European Parliament’s report “an Aviation Strategy for Europe”, Pavel Telička  argued that aviation must be fully integrated into a transport policy encompassing all modes of transport. This will make transport in the EU more efficient, faster and environmentally friendlier. In order to do so, he pleaded for the creation of a connectivity index to be used by policy makers. This index should cover all transport modes and give indications on the quality of a connection between two places in the EU and thereby indicate where public investment is needed.

Pavel Telička  also called for the development of an EU Motorway of the Sky in order to constraint the impact of a disruption to a limited geographic area. This means that if there is a disruption in one air space those passengers who are already in the air will not be affected negatively. For example, when there is a disruption of traffic in France while you fly from Prague to Amsterdam, your flight should not be negatively affected by it.

The European Commission has followed up on Pavel Telička ’s call for a connectivity index and has proposed a first version of the index, for the moment limited to air connectivity. This index illustrates the gaps in connectivity across the EU, and within each Member States, for instance in the number of flights accessible per day.

Following the adoption of Pavel Telička ’s report, the Commission has started a study on a new airspace architecture, which reflects upon the idea of an EU Motorway of the Sky. The study will be made available in the next months.

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