JURI Committee approved a proposal for an update of copyright rules in Europe. In its current version it may lead to a restriction of the right to information.

The Legal Affairs Committee approved a proposal for an update of copyright rules yesterday, including the controversial articles 11 and 13. Despite the fact that many members of ALDE group were against the adoption of these articles - including me - the ALDE Group issued a press release yesterday where it supports its adoption.

That is why I would like to reiterate that I stand for an initiative that calls for deleting or editing article 11 of the proposal. I have already presented my reasons for doing so in my previous comments. I am convinced that the adopted text could have negative consequences on the free information flow on the internet and could lead to censorship of the internet. Article 13 might have similar negative consequences.

Some Czech media have attacked me for my position and claimed that I follow the google lobby. That is far from true. I have decided not to ignore opinions of many professionals, academics and the civil society. There are many studies that show the potential negative consequences of the changes. Furthermore, the measures adopted have not worked in practice. In Spain, small publishers suffered from a dramatic drop in visits to their websites. In Germany, it actually reaffirmed the dominant role of Google because the majority of local publishers issued a free licence to the company.

The new rules should not lead to a restriction to the free flow of information or censorship. Therefore, we must seek new set of rules that finds the right balance between the rights of creators and a free internet.

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