The results of Sunday elections in Venezuela cannot be respected

The early presidential elections in Venezuela took place on Sunday 20th May and the results were clear already before the beginning. Nicolás Maduro remains the head of decimated country even in following years. As for the fact that the elections did not comply with the fundamental conditions essential for being considered as legitimate, we cannot respect the results.

The passed elections in Venezuela were not democratic nor free. Equally they did not comply with the transparent and fair procedure. The Venezuelan opposition is being weaken and decimated by any possible means. Many of those who oppose to Maduro are either in an exile or in a prison. Venezuelan supreme court directly excluded some of the opposition parties from the presidential elections’ procedure, including Mesa de la Unidad Democrática party, that received a Sakharov’s prize of the European Parliament for the freedom of thought in 2017. 

It is inadmissible to affect the procedure of elections in such or other way. Beside this there are information leaking that the results might have been manipulated, which had happened already during the previous elections. On top of that there are many Cuban agents present in the country, together with military consultants, who supports Maduro’s dictatorship. 

Meanwhile there is huge economic crisis in Venezuela, which affects the possibility of people to get elementary foods and pills. The social storm is a threat nowadays. Due to lack of antibiotics people are dying even because of ordinary illnesses. The situation concerning human rights, democracy and rule of law remains critical and there is almost no prospect of improvement in the near future due to the re-election of Maduro. Only free, democratic and fair elections which would comply with the rule of law would be the way how to solve current situation in the area. Nevertheless those which took place on Sunday definitely cannot be considered as such and thus we cannot accept the results. 

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