EU must stop being a hub for arms trafficking

ALDE Group 2nd Vice-President, MEP Pavel Telička addressed on Tuesday the issue of arms trafficking in a public debate organized in the European Parliament, screening also an award-winning documentary by investigative journalists on how arms are smuggled from the EU to Eastern Ukraine.

Pavel Telička said the European Union must increase its efforts to combat arms trafficking, as EU remains an important hub for illegal trade of weapons:

"This is a very serious problem we must deal with. Arms trafficking brings a lot of money to the black market and feeds conflicts in different parts of the world. Knowing these weapons have an EU Member State as country of origin, makes us partly responsible.

“The documentary showed clear facts of how this business is made, involving corrupted high level officials, smugglers and traffickers working together to make money out of wars. EU needs a real action plan to fight this cross-border scourge."

Czech journalist Janek Kroupa and his Polish colleagues Bertold Kittel and Jaroslaw Jabrzyk participated in the debate and presented their documentary "How we Smuggled Arms for Pro-Russian Separatists". The film captures their undercover investigation into Polish arms traffickers whose network reaches as far as Russia, the Balkans, Middle-East and Africa.


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